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Starting 1st of July 2021, Wrepit will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE).

Modern browsers evolve faster than ever and are constantly adding new features that drive innovation, improve developer productivity and website performance, and reduce loading times. In our aim to push Wrepit forward, giving an even better and more dynamic reading experience, we have decided to end support for IE, starting the 1st of July 2021. We do this in order to give readers the benefits of the improvements lying under the hood of modern browsers.

What does this imply for you?

If you are using Internet Explorer today, or if some of your…

The PDF was originally introduced back in 1993 in order to give a format that transformed digital written content into a print-friendly format. The format has served us well for many decades, but the modern reading experience has changed drastically. Smartphones have replaced newspapers on trams and busses and have made it possible for modern authors to make their written documents much more engaging and interactable. This has revolutionized the news industry, but most companies still do periodic reporting such as their annual report in the outdated form of a PDF. Change is, of course, tedious and it is much…


Wrepit replaces MS Word documents with interactive written documents for all devices

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